Water Pump Seal Bearing Out?

When the bike's running (moving down the trail / track / road) or idling for that matter ... coolant is dripping out the little hole on the bottom of the case below the water pump. Does that mean the bearing needs replacing or something?

Water pump seal. Just buy both oil seals and the impeller shaft, along with right side cover gasket. Only like a 40 bucks fix.

I had to replace mine already. You have 2 options

Yamaha or Boyesen.

If you replace with Yamaha parts buy the impeller shaft, seals & a new gasket.

The design is crappy in my opinion.

I will buy the Boyesen complete waterpump assembly next time. It is designed to lower the water temp by several degrees. :thumbsup:

I actually just ordered one (boyeseen) on-line about an hour ago ... figured it's a good investment since I'll need to be in there anyway. :thumbsup:

Hey let us know how the installation goes & the end result.


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