Dent in Pipe??

I keep forgetting to post this question...mostly because I may be embarassed of the responses.

I bought a brand new 02 426. As I was loading it into the pick-up truck from the shop, I noticed a dent in the muffler under the rear wheel. The dealer said it is meant to be there for rear wheel clearance. Since bought the only 426 they had in stock...I had to beleive him.

Is this true? My guess is that there is no reason for the dent to be there...there is more than enough clearance. But, the dent looks like someone ment to put it there...if that is possible. :)

Yes it's supposed to be there. I don't think it's for wheel clearance because the wheel travels much higher past the muffler.

Yes, it is supposed to be there. Does it look like some monkey banged it out with a hammer? Unfortunately, yes.

I may be wrong, but I think the dent is for rear caliper clearance, Chris.

the dent is there so your brake caliper dosn't come up qand make an even uglier dent.

Good to know that it was meant to be there. So how do you think they make the dent? I would love to see a tool to specifically make a precision dent. Maybe a fat lady with heels steps on the pipe. :)

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