Can somebody please help me.. my 04 yz450 is running waay hot and i dont know why.. it is bone stock and i havent touched anything on it. I've only had the thing for 2 months and the other day i started it up and let it warm up and after like a minute the headpipe was red hot.. i dont know what could have caused it because it never did it before. I pulled the plug and it looks good so i dont think its a lean condition thats causing it. any suggestions would be great.

It is normal for a four stroke head pipe to get red hot when it is idling for a few minutes. I would check your coolant level and if its good and not boiling over when the bike is idling I wouldn't worry about it, as long as the bike is running ok when you ride it.

Like said above, letting the thumper idle on the stand is a sure fire way to get it hot FAST. You can start any 400-426-450 and within a minute or two the head pipe will be glowing red (you should see it at night!!). Nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind the YZ450F is a race bike. Meant to be started and ridden...FAST! :thumbsup:

Thanks guys thats quite a relief for me.. it was at night too that i did it and i guess maybe thats maybe why i never noticed it before because i'd never rode it at night.

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