Better WR450F Suspension Needed

I own a 2003 WR450F, which has been the perfect bike for me. The only thing I would like to change is the suspension, to make it ride more like the YZ450F.

I do as much mountain riding and racing as I can which this suspension can be dialed in for, but I also do a lot of desert and motocross riding and racing which it is too soft for.

This winter I would like to have the suspension rebuilt to suit me, but I would like to make some changes now to get me through this season. Are there any suggestions for suspension rebuilders that I should contact? Are there any suggestions on cheaper, temporary things that I can do now to make things better?



Hey there,

I too own a 2003 WR450F and was wanting better action from the suspension for my uses.

I chose Race Tech. I had never had a suspension built for my weight and riding style. I was curious to see how much different it would be.

I bought springs listed in their site for my weight. I also had them revalve for a MX and fast hare scrambles style of riding for an Intermediate rider (which I am). Valving beforehand seemed nice and supple on trails though the woods but left ALOT to be desired when on a MX track or on wide open trails.

Springs were $100 per end of the bike, valving and rebuild with new oil and seals, $300 per end, blue label shipping was another $100 (since I live in Alaska)

While this was an expensive undertaking, I am pleased with the results. I rarely bottom now and the overall action is what I was looking for in regards to MX racing. It certainly has given me more confidence out on the track.

I do recommend whomever you end up going with that you go with their whole package and way of suspension tuning. Some companies go with lighter springs and heavier valving, others do it the opposite way.

Race Tech is a big company. Not alot of personal feedback from them and they are expensive. I also had to call them back and ask for my stock springs to be returned to me :thumbsup:.

If I had it to do all over again, I would get someone reputable and competent who is local (no chance of that in Alaska) that could spend time with you while you are at a track to get things perfectly dialed after the servicing. I know there are companies like that out there.

Good luck to you.

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