Motorcycle Trivia Buffs (Fun Thread)

Unless answered corrctly by 12:00 Noon PST

I will post answers then and add the second Triva Questions

1: Name the First Motorcycle made.

2: What year and Brand had the first multi-Valve racer

Ego, was the first bike made by Daimler?, and was the first multi valve racer a 1912 Indian?

close, but you cheated dint ya :)

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Was the First Bike, Hildebrand and Wolfmuller I am pretty sure it was a steam engine I believe, Ill do some research.

Nope, didn't cheat, just remember watching a video about the history of bikes. Thinking back, I think maybe the first bike was French? Can't remember the brand though. Am I getting warm?

DeDion maybe?

The first motorcycle made was built by Daimler in 1885. The first American bike was the Orient Aster around the turn of the century. The first multivalve was racer was the Indian 8 Valve board tracker around 1916-1919.

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The daimler bike doesnt count it was something some guy put toghther in his back yard made out of wood my answer is right.

He didnt even put a patent on it so really it is not the first bike ever made :)

Nope, I was closer the first time I think, DeDion was about 10 years after Daimler. 1912 Indian racer had 4 valves, don't know of anything earlier.



Wouldn't the 1912 Indian 500 single board tracker count as multi-valve?

Alright I will admit I was wrong I got the question confused MY Answer was the FIRST PRODUCTION BIKE ever made :)

One cylinder, four valves.

Are you sure that it wasn't an XR600?????? Those have been around for ever... :)

I do not thnk maybe I am wrong that the single was actually campaigned.

So I left that out, what is intresting though is that multi-valve technology was arounf in the 1900's


makes ya think about how far the technology actually has come.

Concept is the same, just material has changed ?

Just did a search on Google, apparently there was a 1000cc V-Twin 8 valve Indian board tracker in 1912 also, Chris.

makes ya think about how far the technology actually has come.

The owner of my local MX shop used to be involved with classic road racing (G50's and the like). My YZF tuning exploits always make him laugh, using modern materials they are now getting over 60hp from 500cc singles with 50 year old designs! :)


Thats the point I wanted to make. The engine technology is still the same after 100 years, the concept is the same, nothig has changed for the combustable motor.

What has changed is the technology in metal, design and material.

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