Dipstick at the wheel...

OK....Im waiting for my manual to come in the mail and this is going to be a really stupid question but I'm determined to do things the right way.

What is the dipstick at the top of the frame for? I was told a couple different things like the engine oil. But it looked red and didn't smell like it. It was also low on the stick.

Please keep in mind that I havn't rode in 10 years and the days of the air-cooled TTs are gone.

I already took off the air-box and did a total cleaning of it and the connections. Everything else sounds and looks great.

Are you serious?

You say

Please keep in mind that I havn't rode in 10 years and the days of the air-cooled TTs are gone

This tells me you have some experiance with bikes.

Also do you drive a car?

In short for your answer since I doubtthis is a seriuos post

the dip stick is you

Sorry I just could not resist.

It is engine oil. If it doesn't look or smell like engine oil then either the previous owner used some funny smelling oil or it really needs to be changed. Wait for the manual before you ride it so that you can check it out good. I have an online version of the manual for the '01 model, send me a PM if you would like link.

E.G.O. ***** makes another friend.

"the dip stick is you

Sorry I just could not resist."

At least Fly-nBri asked and didn't assume when he saw a reddish fluid that would make one think of transmission fluid.

I have no idea what was put in there by the previous owner, but I sure would put in new oil and a filter.

BTW, EGO really is a nice guy with an unique sense of humor.

Ya Im sorry , I just could resist.

I was taken away with my Alter-EGO-Ahole


any hoot it is to chk oil......

You shoudl drain and replace the oil and filter per manual, and add new oil as per manual

Sorry again..

Too much coffee this morning

Umm yea.. I was serious and I knew I was asking for a flaming. 10 years ago they didn't have oil in the frame and 3 people told me 2 different answers as to what it may be. I figured the best answer would be here from you guys. The bikes a '99 but thanks for the online offer.

I was just waiting for a response like that from EGO.I know I set myself up but at least know I know for sure what it is and that's a step closer then I was an hour ago!

Thanks Sir and NP!! :)

[ July 18, 2002: Message edited by: Fly-nBri ]

20 YEARS ago they had oil in the frame...................TT500 yamaha, agh yes what a thumper that was, if you didnt line up the tdc in that little window on the head it would kick back and break your leg..........compound fracture at that.

To check the oil level, you have to warm up the motor first and then while on level ground you do the following after killing the engine.

Unscrew the dipstick, pull it out and wipe it off.

Place the dipstick back in the hole but do not screw it back down, just let the threads on top of the stick rest on top of the hole. Pull it back out and read the oil level, the stick is marked out for this.

There are lots of threads here on what oil is good and also how to change the oil/filter if you need more help.

It's a troll..

Why wouldn't you simply ask the guy you bought it from, or call a local dealer?..

Yep..wasn't checked till it got home.Im learnin. Guess I better keep the stupid questions to muhself from here on out. :)

Don't be discouraged, the members really like to run a good thread, and the semi flames can get a bit warm. You are probably the victim of a bike owned by someone that went for the brief thought that automatic transmission fluid was the answer for thumper lubrication. I maybe wrong, and will take all comments annd if necessary, flames, but for a while a couple of years ago some "experts" really pushed this as the answer for thumper oil. Just change your oil, follow the advice given by the others on the forum. Welcome to TT and the world of Blue :) .


Bill Barnard

It's possible that it wasn't checked until the bike got home?

And I would never ask the dealer anything that you want a good answer to..

drain the oil always on a new bike to you...never know what someone did before..get yerself an aluminum bolt for the bottom bolt..its magnetized and will collect small shavings.. also replace the oil filter, and clean the in line filters as well.

first drain the oil out of the bottom, unscrew dipstick first, also better if warmed a little first.

then after all oil from the bottom is drained you need to drain the oil from the frame..you will find the bolt on the frame facing the front tire. make sure you turn the tire to the side and be ready with a piece of cardboard to redirect the gusher that will squirt straight out down to the catch receptacle. after all that is drained, undo the three bolts to thye oil filter. this will leak more oil so be ready with a rag, to catch seepage. clean out the area inside after you take the filter out to clear any shavins. replace new filter exactly as removed. torque bolts to spec. torque lower new alum bolt to 14lbs replace frame bolt. torque to i think 17? since you are not sure of what crap the guy was running I would fill with oil 1500cc's, warm up, check level and slowly add a little,maybe 100cc's to the correct mark at the top of the sticks grid. ok..now run the bike around the block a few miles and replace the oil again.. YAMAHA 4R IS THE BEST. try this and always stay up on your oil changes. your thumper will kiss your ass for years with proper care.

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