Checking out used bike questions...

I have seen it in here before, but cant seem to find the thread again. My question is this...

I know a lot of us buy used bikes, what is a good checklist to go through while checking the bike out before the cash is dished out?

I am going to take a look at a bike pretty soon, and I know you all have some great ideas as to how to check out certain things on the bike.

BTW, I am looking for ideas for both 2 and 4 stroke mx'ers. Thanks in advance! :)

One thing I always checked when buying a used bike was the chain roller. If the bearings are shot in it, and it is barely hangin on then the bike has been rode and likely has many hours on it. Also check wheel bearings and steering head bearings, swingarm etc. And then of course the obvious like chain, sprockets, tires, brakes, coolant, oil, etc. Start it and listen to the motor for any unusual noises. Frank

FastFrank makes a good point, always get the bike up off its wheels and check for side play in the swing arm, wiggle the wheels and check the forks for excessive play also.

The forks can be check with the front off the ground by grabbing each bottom leg of the tubes (Near Axle) and just feel if there is any forward play, this indicates the head is not tight or the bearings in the triples are shot.

Swing arm can be checked by grabbing the tire at the farthest end rear of the bike and push pull from side to side. If there is wobble or movement then either bearings or swing arm is in need of repair.

Look at the bolts on the heads and cases for wear this would indicate the engine has been, apart. Another good indicator if the guy was sloppy is gasket sealer all over the joints.

Spin the tires they should be freewheeling no squeaks and should at least spin a few time around.

good luck

Great advice so far! Ego posted exactly what I was looking for (that's kind of unexpected... :) ). Specific things to look for and HOW to check them is what I'm looking for. Great ideas so far. Keep em coming, the more the better. Thanks

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