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adventure Building an ADV playground / training course

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I'm finally doing it.  I've eyed the spot for a while, it's been 2 years, I'm doing it.

I've got a section of our plot, about .2 acres (150ftx100ft) that I'm dedicating to a little ADV playground.


  • basic loop, maybe figure 8, shape doesnt matter since it will be low speed stuff
  • I'm going to pull some logs and stack those.(some singles, one big stack)
  • A few old tires just to mark some turn/loop spots
  • Dirt mount table-top thingy
  • "balance beam" from some modified old pallets
  • A pole with rope for the (i dont know what its called where you wrap the string by driving around one handed)


I dont have easy access to junk vehicles or concrete dividers, etc, lol, but I'm just curious if any of ya'll  have some ideas on cool but *cheap* things to do for a little ADV playground?

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Balance beam , figure 8 'cones' and tether ball/coffee grinder!  Next up convince my wife I need a welder for some reason so I can build a see-saw.


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