moriwaki exhaust

hi there i am struggling to find a site where i can see a moriwaki exhaust for my honda xr 650 r.can anybody kindly suggest me any?

thank you qadsan :thumbsup:

The welding at the joints looks near micro-perfect when comparing it to other pipes. Also, the pipe comes packaged really well to minimize the chance of damage during shipping. Every component is fully wrapped and protected with molded foam and the hardware is packaged seperately. Even the 'P' clamps that hold the rear cannister have a peel off protective film on them so they're in pristine condition when you install them. Once properly installed, there's plenty of clearance between all points of this exhaust system, but it took me a few tries to get everything lined up to perfection. It was a matter of twisting the pipe sections & the cannister inside the 'P' clamps while they were loosely installed before tightening everything down to get things aligned for proper clearance while also making sure all the pieces were free floating (no binding or stress points that could potentially lead to cracks). I'm really happy with it and don't find it too loud unless the spark arrestor is removed. In regards to the sparks arrestor, I don't believe it's officially certified, which means you could still technically get in trouble because of this even though it completely functional. Another option from what I heard to temporarily quiet things down even more for a specific area is to install a Baja Designs quiet baffle, which is meant to be used with the Honda HRC tip. It can be modified to fit inside the Moriwaki or at least the older version of the quiet baffle appears to fit inside fairly well from what I've heard, but don't quote me on that because I've not tried it myself. Here's a picture of the Baja Designs quiet baffle if you've not seen one, but it would probably choke the performance a bit.

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