Do you live near a Hydro-Electric Electric plant (Dam)? Need a new life...

Hey guys,

The situation at home is real bad. The light at the end of the marriage tunnel is pretty much out, although I guess I AM still hoping. I work at a Nuke Power Plant right now, and want out. A Hydro Electric is what I could use and want. Any of you guys know of any in your area, especially one that may be hiring operations people?

Thanks All!


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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Out here in the Pacific Northwest there are quite a few Hydro-electric dams and power plants that are allways advertising for qualified personell. Electricians(journey men leval) are typicly making around $30 an hour as well. I know it's just about as far from New Hampshire as you can get but riding is still plentifull for at least ten months a year.

Good luck,

Rick Graham

P.S. Remember " It's cheeper to keep her" if at all possible.

Rick, the damage is catastrophic, BUT, with some work, tears, anger, this is recoverable. Did I mention FORGIVENESS on BOTH sides...???

Kevin.... you should check into Grand Coulee dam here in washington.... they are constantly hiring.... next time I see ads in the paper Ill Post the phone number... sorry to hear about the marriage.... Ive been there myself....


Hey sorry to hear it. I am going through the same crap. Anyway, I live in Cali by Santa Cruz. They are rebuilding the Moss Landing power plant right now and are increasing it to be the largest producer in the state. I am sure there are jobs available there.Plus there is a lot of decent riding in the area and out.

San Luis Obispo, California has both Diablo Canyon Nuclear & Morro Bay powerplants - run by Pacific Gas & Electric. It's a great area to live - I spent 7 years there for a 4 year degree :)


Thanks, Shane!!!

Kevin :)


Get a new job, get physically fit, and get on prozac. Stress is eating americans alive, we work more and longer hours, are made to feel bad about taking time off, and rarely leave work long enough to stop thinking about it. I cant say anything about marriage as I dont even have 2 years in the can yet, however it is tough at times. I am a firm believer that the mind must rest/relax, and I find that most physical activities that require a fair amount of effort and serious amounts of focus, like riding, surfing, climbing, hell even mowing the lawn, all are done in relative silence, but require your mind to react to what your body is doing instead of thinking about it. You dont think here comes the corner, now I am turning, you just do it. I try and make a point of having one weekend day to ride or do my thing. Its my therapy, now if I could only get rid of that damn tv that eats too many hours out of my life. I suggested to the wife, we either cancel cable tv or get rid of the couch and buy exercise bikes. Anyways just my ramblings on how I deal with stress. Good luck and try wacking off more that always makes you feel better.(at least for a second or two)(major humour intended).

The Tri Cities (richland, kennewick, pasco) in Washington is home to Hanford. (Nuclear, I know). But we also have dams EVERYWHERE. Ice Harbor, McNary... Grand Coulee is farther up. Can't think of any better place to live if that is what you want to do. Might try relocating with the wife.

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