Has anyone had a problem with their spokes coming loose. Ive brought my 450 in once already to yamaha to have them tightened and trued. The bike has about 1600 miles on it and while riding a couple weeks ago I noticed that the whole rim was real wobbly and that almost all of the spokes were loose. I tightened up the spokes and it seemed alright. The last time I rode one of the spokes fell out and wound around the hub. Am I doing something wrong. My last bike(xr650r) didnt seem to have any problems with the spokes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, D :thumbsup::devil::awww:


Spokes are to be tightened almost after any significant ride, and it is even more critical for the first few thousand miles. We had a lot of spokes and rims destroyed already when people were forgetting about this simple rule. That's why Yamaha includes the spoket tool along with few other tools.

This rule is true for all powerfull bikes, my friend has got CRF450 and does the same on his bike as well.

Make your dealer (if you are not sure yourself) check all the spokes and the rim for any damage and when you fix it, make sure you check them before every trip. Be careful and learn to feel the spokets not to overtighten any, otherwise you will bend the rim. spokes will wear less as you put more miles on. :thumbsup:

how tight do you think they should be done?

tight enough :thumbsup::devil:

yer ture, was a bit of a silly Question :devil:, I just heard other guys talking about it once and they reckon to pluck them like a string to hear how tight they are :thumbsup:

Sounds like they maybe not too sure about wheel building!,depending on what type of riding you do the rule is,if you do major big jumps then you don`t want em too tight!(it can burst the hubs on landings),but if you doing mostly trail riding with small jumps you can take them up a little tighter,they will be less prone to slacken that way!,buy a good spoke torque wrench and do a search on the subject and you will be ok :thumbsup:

Quick question.

Spokes, does the steel stretch? Or do the nipples just wiggle loose gradually?

If the nipples are the problem, why not use some lock tite or another means of preventing the nipples from rotating?

Yes, spokes stretch, locktite whould be the wrong way to go as you need them adjustable in case you bent the rim (from the hard rock impact e.g.) and that when you will need the access to the spokes to fix it. It is hardly possible that the spoket will stretch too much to be tightened, I only had that ones, so then you just replace it with new one. :thumbsup:

I put a drop of blue locktite on each spoke. It helps prevent loosening but doesn't prevent you from adjusting them. I have over 3000 miles of Enduro's and play riding with no significant adjustments. :thumbsup:

If you are ever going to have a wheel re-laced on a bike that has previously had spoke problems, you may want to have the spokes cryo treated. This will dramatically reduce the stretching of the spokes.

I put a drop of blue locktite on each spoke. It helps prevent loosening but doesn't prevent you from adjusting them. I have over 3000 miles of Enduro's and play riding with no significant adjustments. :devil:

That's what I was thinking. It's time for me to replace my spokes. :thumbsup: Noticed one was missing and didn't mind much attention to it as I wanted to ride and couldn't spare the 60 bucks for a spoke kit. Well, after a bit of riding a spoke 2 spokes away cracked and rattled in the hub. It's up on the stand for now, hopefully eastcoastwheels will send me a few replacements untill I can afford new spokes and excel rims. I know if I ride it in the condition it is now, I'll have a fubar'd hub and bent rim and an interesting wipeout. :awww:

Hi Guys...

Hope I can answer a couple of questions for you...

The spokes should be torqued to 48 INCH pounds... (4 Foot Pounds). - With a spoke wrench... It's snug but not tight... You should still be able to tighten the nipple more with " a little" effort.

Spokes will "stretch" and "relax" especially when the bike and/or spokes are new... If the bike is new, check the spokes before you ride... then ride it for 20-30 minutes and recheck the spokes. After another hour or two/end of the ride check them again. Then routine servicing.

Do yourself a favor, DON'T loctite the nipples... There are a bunch of reasons not to do it... Once the loctite dries - yes, you can still tighten the spoke but it will never give you a true feeling if the spoke is tight enough.

The primary reason a spoke breaks is that the surrounding spokes are too loose - the victim spoke was too tight "compaired" to the spokes surrounding it. Visualize 4 spokes in a row in front of you... screw 1 nipple down as far as you can and leave the other three slightly above it... Now imagine a rim under the spokes, then a rim takes a hit, all the force is sent to the tight spoke and the loose spokes don't assist it. A hard enough hit and the spoke breaks.

If you don't have even tension on the spokes, you will keep having a spoke problem (spokes seem to keep coming loose/breaking...)

BTW, I bet the majority of people who check their spokes will find the spokes on both sides of the rim lock are loose...

Check them and let us know...

Jeff :devil::thumbsup:

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