fuel mileage?

after my tank started leaking gas (from around the grommet that holds the screw for the rubber strap) i now find myself wondering what size tank to get,and being as i didn't pay much attention to the mileage before i'm at a slight disadvantage.i'm entered in a hare scrambles this fall(open b-class)where you run for 1.5 hours in very tight terrain (around 2000' elevation)1-2-3rd gears, half on and half off the throttle. could i do it with 2.8 gal. or 3.1? maybe someone with close to the same set up could help me out!

i wouldn't count on more than 50 miles to a stock tank. that doesn't mean you won't get more. i'm thinking race preperation. you have to plan for the variables in a race. you've lowered your gearing and i'm not sure of your jetting. how long are the loops? it would be pretty unusual for a hare scrambles to have laps of more than 50 miles!

unless someone is going to sell you their stock tank real cheap, go with one of the big ones.

not real sure how long the loops are but it runs for and ends at 1.5 hrs.jetting is stock except air/fuel is 2.5 out. i'm leaning towards the 2.8 gal tank but want to make sure its enough. the 3.1 gal tank people say you can't get all the fuel out! and it also looks as if it would inhibit air flow,which is well needed at low speed. i'm guessing i was getting about 30 mpg and if i averaged 30mph that would only be 45 miles. sound about right?

3.4 gallon GYTR tank made by Acerbis is a great way to go! 80 - 90 miles of range under hard technical hilly terrain conditions! :thumbsup:

hare scrambles loops are shorter than an enduro loop. somewhere around 12-15 miles. they will run you through the pit area (or at least a gas stop area)each lap. plan on taking gas your second lap with the stock tank. don't worry, a one minute break will feel fantastic and you'll have a better idea of your fuel needs. get some fresh water.

about that average mph, AA enduro riders bust their ass to make a 24mph average. not that you can't do 30.........

30 was just a guess but riding 2nd and 3rd at a pretty good clip aughta get me somewhere in there, it doesnt really matter i was just trying to figure out if i could go the allotted 1.5 hours which this NCHSA race is based on. they average the lap times and then throw the white flag to the leader that many minutes before 1.5 hrs are complete comprende? and why would i stop at 30 miles when i know i can ride through if i had enough gas? and if all i can expect is under 24 mph, that would get me 36 miles in 1.5 hrs so even a stock tank would do it! i think i'll go with the 2.8 gal thanx for the help.

yes, i comprende. wasn't sure if it was your first hare scrambles or not. they're all a little different. good luck.

I usually don't hit reserve with my stock tank until 60-65 miles of tight technical trail riding here in Washington state. Regularly go 80 plus till reserve while dualsporting. This is running JD blue #3 and #48 pilot. Stock gearing.


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