Bent Radiator

Hey guys just wanted to let you guys know about a great radiator repair shop..The girlfriend layed her bike (2002 WR426) down on a big rock when she stalled on a hill..Radiator took a big dent right to the side..I thought it was dust..Took a look in the cycle news for a repair shop thought id atleast give it a try...Wow a shop listed was local..Took it in and the guy (Jeff) said no problem..Got it back today and it looks great...Even the honey comb fins are straightened...If you guys ever need one fixed just look up Fontana Radiator Works...Oh ya and it was only 40 bucks..

Yeah I've used these guys a couple of times now. They do excellent work and turn around is quick. I highly recommend this shop for bent, twisted, smashed or leaking radiators.

You may want to purchase a pair of Devol Rad Guards. I have tested them on both sides and not a bit of damage.

Your girlfriend rides a WR426F?

Most impressive !

If she cooks... she is a keeper. LOL just kiddin !


Try the ones made by Flat Land Racing, they seem to be a little beefier than the DeVol's. If you buy them from Thumper, they're cheaper than buying direct from Flat Land?????


The WR250F has an extra core on the right side. DeVols won't fit.

Good luck,


Oh ya she can cook, Makes great money (75G) and she love to go riding all the time...When shes not playing softball...Ya i better get her a pair of guards since she has a hard time toughing the ground when starting the bike...

thanks bro. just what i needed. where is the place at? i live in san diego.

Also Myler's do a fantastic job and have been in the business of just fixing motorcycle radiators since 1990 and repairs start at 35.00 and is one day turn around time.

Hey Ride just call 411 for the 909 area code...Ask for Fontana Radiator works in Fontana Ca...Its about a hour and a half drive for you from San diego...Id do the UPS thing!!!There on Arrow Hwy.In Fontana


I have used these guys a few times. I live in NY send them on Monday and have back by Friday. Great service.

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