help i need advice quick

i am ordering a tire tommorrow i need to know what brand and size for a xr650l i want good off road capabilities but i ride on the street to get there so i need it to be able to last a long time. i also need to know the maximum size that will fit. thanks will a 140/80-18 fit?

Dunlop 606 not sure on max size.

I have good luck with 606 dunlop's ride mostly dirt, but do ride some tarmac, have 4000 miles on them now, still in good shape have a 01 L

I agree, the 606 is the best one I've used yet for street/trail use. I am currently running a Chen Shin 755 5.3x18 "cheap" because I'm doing mostly off road right now. When I do some dual sports I'll go back to the 606. I used a 120/90/18. As far as I know that's the largest 18" size you can get. Rocky Mountain ATV has the best price I've found yet.

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