Linkage to lower a 450?

I read somewhere in a magizine ( I will have to find it but it is pretty recent) that the Yamaha racers use a linkage that lowers the hieght of the bike with out changing the geometry or length of travel for the rear suspension.Every one but DV12 uses this, he is too tall. Anybody know where something like this might be available?

Dirt Pilot,

I've got the same question, did you find anything out?

Wish I could help you guys, but I haven't heard of anything either. I wouldn't lower mine, but I'm also 6'4". Even at that height I still have to tip-toe it when I sit down. I really feel for any of you "vertically challenged" folks... :thumbsup:

I have searched all over the web, they have linkage that changes the steering angle but consequently raises the seat.

Now that I think about it I haven't checked the gytr stuff, I will do that now and see.

Nope, nothing there either, besides of course a lot of other cool stuff I would like to have.

Recall reading this a while back too. From what I recall, they were not readily available. I would mind dropping my bike only being 5'10" and getting wicked cramp in my leg the other day whilst on my toes. I'll see if I can dig out the article

I think it is the new Dirt Rider mag that has an article on bike set-up. They make a quick referance to a company that makes lowering kits. They showed a YZ 125 that had been lowered 1.5". The kit cost 280.00. Can't remember the name of the company though. "Clean Racing" rings a bell.

ask Ricky Charmichael, he has his bike lowered because he is very short. Actually he stated in an interview that it helps him dig into corners with more control, and get very fast exits. I just adjusted the spring and it works fine for me. Ricky is right, it does help. :thumbsup::devil:

I know the linkage you are talking about but it's YMSU equipment which = unobtainable.

Works parts.

Zipty Racing is working on a lowering link, I checked with them a couple weeks ago, said they are still wroking on it.

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