Thinking about revalving.

What do you guys think about too-tech suspensions? Good or bad? I want to get my suspension revalved and I am trying to figure out where to send it. Thanks

im getting mine done right now at MCR in metamora michigan

i will reply on monday how they helped/hindered

I just got mine back from TooTech. The shock is awsome. The forks weren't quite how I wanted them so I gave rick a call today and he said to send them back and he will fix them up with the changes I specified. The service is awsome, Rick Johnson the owner, answers the phone everytime I call I don't think you can beat his service. By the way I ride MX and trails and the shock is great for both with just a few clicks. The forks were pretty good but I just wanted some more initial plushness with a little more bottoming resistance and talking to Rick, it sounds like it will be no problem to do. I guess we'll see.


Try MX-TECH in western Pa, just up the road from you. The owner John Curea (you'll find contact info on the home page of TT) is the TT suspension guru. Tell him your a member and he'll hook you up :)


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