Locked Rear Brakes?

I'm a rear brake dragger through sweeper corners and I locked up once due to too much dragging. When it cooled down it was ok but my next maintenence was to replace the old brake fluid with new as old was moisture saturated and caused the lock up. You might make sure his brake pedal is set low enough to keep from being partially engaged all the time. Most factory settings for brake height are much too high.

OldnBold, thanks for the info. Sounds like a possiblity, although he does run his pedal low. He has his new brake gear in now from acarter920, so he hasn't had the problem return yet. I too think that it was all caused from the wrong reservoir hose. All from a $2.00 hose!!! Oh well, as long as you learn from it, its not truly a mistake! And as for you EGO. You are correct sir. I should not have started this post out by saying that! But in my defense, IT WASN'T ME! HONEST!!! Maniac :)

Trust me everyone it was deffentally Maniac who had so much trouble with his rear brakes, hehe. If he would have just listented to me and not tryed to save money on a $2.00 part he would have been all set.

Iceman, Check your PM's! You little #%$*&(!!!


how were your buddy's brakes working this weekend?

Did you get it straightened out??? :)

[ July 29, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

I guess so. He hasn't complained yet. He got 5th this weekend, and was right on the leaders rear fender. So I think he has finally exorcised the brake demons out of his bike! Thanks guys! Maniac

yupp i sure did get the brake problem taken care of. Its so nice to finially have good working brakes again. The bike was working awesome this weekend. Even though i got so tired, that towards then end of the moto i didnt even feel like useing them.

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