Yamaha loses crazy lawsuit, stuck throttle?

Oh allthose friends from diff places and cultures, Thats makes you a down right picasso dont it.... Ohhh

I got frineds to Uh Er Uh well

I got a dog who likes me no matter what

Look I keep it to this, If you have a problem with what I say PM me, if its a problem with advise on the board or ideas shared and you think I am full f poo-poo then debate it on the forum, thats what its about.

Other then that I already have you pegged as to what your about here,, I doubt you even have a glimps as to what I am about. only time will prove me correct.

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I live in a muliticultural society (Aus) and communicate in a global environment. There is no place for racial slurs in this day and age (basic info there - hello?). If you have a problem with me, insult me - not my countrymen.

So Dan is your mate and maybe you were adressing him (you weren't specific) and he didn't seem to appreciate it. My mistake??? However you were also negating legitimate input from other users... such as myself - again. Consider that.

Keep an eye on me if you wish. I'm trying to put you on mental ignore. Hard to do when something is repeatedly in your face. That's the whole point of my flame and if I have a problem with that you can bet many others users do (vocal or not)... so yes it is worthy of being aired in public.

I have no rep to protect... as you said you know me from Adam. If you have 'pegged' anything about me you will know that I mainly use this as a tuning reference and at times I can't resist flaming those who IMHO deserve a reality check. That would include those that try to shoot down a relevant thread. So tell me? What do you use TT for... and what's with the provocative username?

Give me a good parting rip if you want (hey I've had mine :) ). I said enough on the subject. Everyone agreed?

Yamaha should sue the carb supplier and bankrupt them... or something. No excuse not to go to fuel injection then. :D

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you are all newbies...

Quantity of posts vs, quality - jeez, hard call... :)

Newbies are those who have come to the board recently, not those with less than a certain number of posts. If you look closely, you will see that some members have been registered a lot longer than others, and therefore may have read a lot more of the posts, and absorbed a lot more of the history and so call 'personalities' here at TT.

Just because they exercised restraint and didn't feel the need to post 'me too' to every topic doesn't make them newbies... Just obviously able to exercise their better judgement... or perhaps they were actually out riding... trying out all the good advice that TT is famous for...

This thread has gone off topic, and is now closed.

TT is about thumpers, riding and other related issues... not about pissing further than someone else, or espousing personal or racial stereotyping, or slandering a group of people based on the perceived behaviour of one of the members of that group.

Bad luck the guy was hurt, but that $24 million is going to hurt us all in the long run...


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