First ride on new 650R

Hello everyone. This group has been very helpful to me. While waiting for my forks and shock to get new spings and valving I have made a host of improvements based on the knowlege gained from all of you.

Once more i need your advice.

On my first ride with the bike the engine would not return to idle when the throttle was released. This happens only when the engine is warm. Im thinking this maybe due to the overly lean pilot jet. The second problem is the the engine will only run with the choke in the middle position or closed when starting. If i open the choke all the way even after it is fully warmed up, it will die right away. Is this part of the lean jetting as well? I have not yet uncorked my pig, because I'm waiting for my skills to catch up with the bike. My last dirt bike was many moons ago.

Thank you for all your help.

Jim cunningham

I'm about 99.9% sure it's due to the lean-ness of the pig. Personally I'd uncork it now, it's a fourstroke, pretty manageable power-wise. It's probably running so lean, it could cause damage. The lean pilot circuit you have now will cause the off-idle run-on your seeing.

un cork it...its cheap and is night and day difference.

Uncork it!!! Your bike will run the way it is supposed to.

I just got back from the honda shop with the jets and manifold. gonna jet it tonight.


You won't be disappointed. :thumbsup::devil:

Desmo, first of all, the high idle upon releasing the throttle is pretty common for a new 650R. My theory is that the bike is just way too lean in stock condition. Another theory is that the carb piston is tight and requires some use to break it in. I think it's because it's too lean.

You should do the uncorking/jetting procedure as soon as possible. Mine did the high idle when it was stock also, but I uncorked/jetted it, and it ran perfect, as it should.

Don't worry about it having too much power, I'm sure you can handle it, it's good smooth 4-stroke power, it's very very snappy off the low end when uncorked, but that's a good thing.

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