04 Clutch routing on an 03

Ok so what do I need? The cable obviously and the little bracket to go on the cylinder. Do I need to get a new actuator arm or will the GYT clutch kit one work? Also how are you routing it. On my 04 250f I have holders going down the frame not on the 03.

you'll need a new cable, bracket, actuator arm. as far as routing goes, from the actuator arm, run the cable up the frame and behind the left radiator. between the upper and lower clamps, behind front # plate and then finally to the clutch lever. (gyt clutch kit?)

I ended up ordering the '04 actuator arm (yes it's a requirement) but unfortunately I never found out if its in the GYT kit because it was on backorder till June when I ordered it (in April) so I nixed it and bought the parts seperately.

I bought:

-04 cable

-04 cable holder

-04 case bolts (2 needed, they are ~4mm longer to compensate for cable holder thickness)

-04 actuator arm

-04 actuator arm retainer spring

-(new seal for actuator arm bearing)

If you need a clutch as well, I ended up getting a Tusk 426 clutch kit (fits perfect, but you need the spacer/spring in the 02 426 as the last friction disc for the 426 is cored out some) and it works beautifully (for 47$ :thumbsup:). Actually I think this may be the same config as the 03 YZ250f's..not 100% sure though.

Sorry I can't help with P/N's at the moment but if you come into trouble post up and I'll go find my receipts. Just be sure if you change the case bolts that you measure the thickness of the cable holder and compare to the added length of the new bolts before install or you can end your cases.

Dude, do a search, I did the complete mod months ago and posted pics! Very trick mod!

Here's my '03 after "mod". .


This includes a 250f (or you can just get an '04 clutch cable) clutch cable, two new cable guides (head and case), and an '04 actuator arm (don't forget the spring).

thanks for the pics tim! pics are worth a thousand words :thumbsup::devil:

I cant see a picture?? :thumbsup:

I can see it now. :devil::awww:

Once again, attack of the Imagestation! Right click on pic, select "properties", cut and past URL to your address window, click "go."

or right click on the x and click show picture. it worked for me

Will a 250F actautor arm and spring work?

I doubt it, but the clutch cable will. The cable from the '03 250f is actually a little cleaner looking if you ask me. Just get the entire arm and spring for an '04 450, and you're set. I didn't replace the lip seal either.

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