IT'S HERE !!!!!

My copy of Harry Potter is finally here!

After 3months of waiting, it is finally here!!!

What'd ya ' guys think......My 4-5-0 was ALREADY here???



[ July 19, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

go pet your burning cat :)

Hey Rock Hucker... you know that all 11,389 ThumperTalk members who live in the US will be on your case now... LOL better get a Nimbus 2000 to get away from them all when they are at your place demanding a turn of your new bike... :):D:D

David (now well over-bored with a 460...)

Had my heart a pumpin!!!

anybody grab his IP? Come on Moderators let us have some fun. After that post? :)

Im sure Cookchaser will have something to say about some Axiom or something

Hucker your good

Man I feel bad! I thought for sure you guys would be happy for me that my Harry Potter video is here! :)

I would be glad to give you my web addr but cant disclose my IP for anyone. !!!!

Sorry EGOA***E!!!

I think EGOA***E was possesing my body at the time the CRIME took place! :D

But I am still keeping an eyeflash.gifOut for my 4-5-0!!! :D

Huck you suck. I bet you dont even get a christmas tree at christmas do ya. LOL just kiddin man. :)

Excellent! :)

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