Breather hose problem?

Another poster mentioned a problem with a breather hose. Can someone enlighten me. Is there a pre-emptive mod I can perform? I also see references to bikes being "de-octopussed" What is this?


I'm not sure what you're talking about? Many off-roaders will re-route all of the drain/vent/breather hoses up higher under the seat or into the airbox to help with waterproofing, but I don't know of any "problems" with the breather hoses in stock form if the bike is used for MX or non-wet trail riding. Can you elaborate on your question?

I don't think there are any problems with the stock breather hose configuration, unless you try to start your bike with the hose under water. Last year, I rerouted the breather hose to up near the steering head and it was more trouble than it was worth. (It made an oily mess of my radiator cover and would kink up. I would have routed it into the airbox, but I couldn't find a hose route that didn't pinch the tube shut.) So I put it back like it was. Just last week, we did about 50 miles of swamp riding. I'm not exagerating when I say that we were underwater for literally 10 of those miles-some as deep as the top of my airbox and I had zero problems with the breather hose sucking in water. I have rerouted my carb vent hoses for deep water so I had no stalling or bogging problems like everyone else in our group did. (FYI: the two upper carb hoses are rerouted into the air box and I've teed off of the float bowl vent hose into the airbox as well.) But there were no issues with the crankcase breather hose. If you stall in deep water, push the bike out of the water before you try to start it. My advice is to leave it alone and worry about something else.

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