maintenance on the wr 400?

I'm looking at buying a wr 400 and was wondering what the maintenance schedule was like.A lot of my mates are suggesting i'll spend most of my time in the shed with a spanner in my hand. I have owned only xr's up to this point which involve chain lube, petrol and regular oil changes and not much else. I would appreciate "words of experience" from anyone out there.Assuming i'm going to drop it occasionally, how does the damage report compare the xrs? Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

its not a CRF...

maintenance is low-medium-high depending in what you use it for and how you thrash it.

I'm a weekend warrior and it takes little of my time to maintain. Oil change is about the most onerous job you will have to do on a regular basis (apart from air filter). Oil change takes about 10 minutes. Do that often and WW's should be riding most of the time and wrenching just a little !!

FYI - I have 1998 and piston rings are still in factory spec !. The engines are really solid.

where abouts in vic you from item?

wr are no more maintenance than an xr.

oil changes every 300 miles

air filter gas and go.

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