Magura Slave Cylinder making funny noise?

I took the old girl to get her washed after sitting in the garage for over 2 months (I know, I know). After I got it washed I was checking the levers and stuff to see if the front brake or anything else needed bled since it had been so long since I rode. Well, when I pulled the clutch in I could hear a "swoosh swoosh" sound coming from the Magura slave cylinder when I pulled the lever. Just for some background, I never got the Magura working perfectly, it always seemed to have air in the system and would lose some pressure from time to time but then firm back up.

After hearing this do you all think I may have a faulty master cylinder? I have only ridden with it once so I hope it isn't that. Thanks for the help.

I had the same problem.

I talked with Lonnie over at Magura about this very issue. It turns out that the noise was coming from the Magura Cylinder and is the result of getting water inside of the cylinder where the o-ring and rod is. I noticed it after I pressured washed. Probably wouldn't hurt to cover this area with a plastic baggie in the future. It is basically a small gap that is sucking air. It never became a problem for me.

Have you tried bleeding with the Magura bleed kit?



Thanks for the reply. I doubt I'll be riding my bike before the end of July but if I do I'll be sure to cover the cylinder up.

I haven't had the chance to bleed the Magura again. Thanks for the help.

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