Is it possible to take the paint off the swingarm and polish it?

Is it possible to take the paint off the swingarm and polish it with out it rusting? what metel is it made of?

I am sure it is, I know some of the guys around here have theirs done. I am just waiting till I take mine off, then it will be done. I probably need to pull mine off and grease everything since I have never done it :) But as soon as I do I will let my bud do it that works at Milwaukee Iron. Frank

I know a couple of mx racers here in ohio that have taken the paint off their's. They look awesome. There is a lot of work in doing it. They used all kinds of different paint strippers and steel wool. Good luck!

I have done mine. My advice is not to attempt it unless you are willing to put a lot of work into it, and a nice painted swingarm probably looks better than a half hearted effort. It is not an easy job, and you better have an extra large can of elbow grease for the job.

Mine is polished to a mirror finish top and bottom...inside and out. I did it while I have been injured and could not ride. A lot of paint stripper, steel wool, wet sanding, and polishing.

I figure the polished swingarm added atleast a 10-15% horsepower increase........and it will greatly reduce my lap times......

Lots of work involved. LOTS!!! They do look nice for awhile. The chain side will begin to look tarnished first due to the chain lube I assume. But even so, you will have to polish fairly often to keep that shine. Aluminum will oxidize, that is why it is painted. Venture at your own risk! Maniac

i polished mine my+wr420+stroker+big+bore+kit.jpg?bcuYxY9AZ9kQPQo5polished+swingarm.jpg?bcuYxY9AJTwKNdMk

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Rat: While your are correct that polishing will create heat, it will not be enough to change the temper of the aluminum. Even with a power sander or polisher, you won't create enough heat unless you bear down on the aluminum in one spot for a long time. The aluminum acts as a giant heat sink and dissapates the heat away from the contact point of the polisher.

I did mine in about 1hr.

I took my palm sander with 400gr and sanded off what i could and did the rest by hand.

It took me no more than an hour!

I fixed my buddy's 2smoke pipe and he polished it in exchange. He said about 1hr to do it.

I just did the top and outsides.

It looks awesome but takes at lot to keep it up if you ride DEZ.

No sort of corrosion at all.


THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER I did mine in about 1hr.

I took my palm sander with 400gr and sanded off what i could and did the rest by hand.

It took me no more than an hour!

you must not of sanded off all ruff casting took me at least 4 or 5 hours to sand smooth.that was after i stripped pant off with paint remover.i would say the whole process[whole swing arm not just outside and top] took me somewhere around 8 hours i started wet sanding with 400 and finished with 1500 before polishing.i also polished rear brake lever, caliper & resevoir guard,kickstarter,shifter and water pump guard.polished aluminum looks good but the best part is its way easier than painted parts to maintain.nothing sticks to it all i do when im done riding is spray bike with simple green and hose it off.

Man Freestyle! My bike hasn't looked that good since leaving the dealership. Is it always that clean?

if bike is in my garage its clean.first thing i do when i get home from riding is wash bike.i took that picture last year.ims tank was a little too wide so i got rid of it. bought acerbis tank 3.4gl.[for trailriding and dualsports]and a stock yz250f tank [for track].now bike's look changes depending on where im riding at.trail_or_track.JPG

first off, you have a nice bike

that second picture is REALLY hurting my head, i stared at it for at least 10 minutes, did you reverse it??? its 2 am so it may be me, but if you sit on that thing wont all that stuff be on your left side but yet thats where the brake and kickstarter are :)

yes,both pics were taken from same side of bike so i flipped one of them.that rear brake lever on that side of bike would be one hell of a mod.

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