Check the following if your bike is a year old

My 01' 426 is having it's first birthday this month. It has been the most dependable bike I've ever owned.

I did the BK Mod yesterday. It was simple and in doing so I removed the carb and did a good cleaning. I found both of the throttle cables totally frayed with on having only 2 strands of cable left on one of them. :)

The cables come in a set and cost only 30 bucks.

My chain slide was worn severely and I changed it too. Thanx to TTalk I had a peice of rubber underneath 6 months ago. The chain did manage to get the swingarm just underneat the front sprocket but the damage was very minor.

Everything else looked great.

So, aside of the usual maintenace issuses these are the things I changed due to a year of normal riding.

Throttle cables

Chain Slider

Front/Rear Brake pads

Grips (138,635th set this year) :D

Front/Rear Sprockets (2nd sets)


Hey Kirtwell,

Haven't talked to you in awhile...just thought I would catch up. How is your track going? And when are you gonna make the trip to Duncan to try ours out? Matter of fact we had our first race on it last Saturday night, Jody had a great turnout and everyone had alot of fun....They are going to have a 7 race series starting July 27th and running thru September 7th, you can make at least one of them!!!! Well hope to hear from you about coming to ride sometime, bring some buds, and have some fun man....

My 01 will be having it's birthday next month and I will probably be checking all you mentioned also. Kirtwell how many hours you figure your bike has on it?? Have you had to adjust your valves? where on the chainslider should I look for wear into the swingarm, I have looked quite a few times and can't seem to find where it is wearing abnormally. I do notice though coming off of jumps sometimes that the chain is making a lot of noise when the suspension compresses, kinda of like a bang like the chain is hitting metal but I can't find anything. Just curious, I have an EK blue oring chain with Renthal sprockets on there now that have been on there for probably 6-7 rides. My bike probably has 40-50 hrs on it I guess. Usually just ride on the weekends primarily Sunday. Just wondering what else I might need to check with that amount of hours on it. Thanks, Frank

Kirtwell, very good advise! I was a little over the year mark when I went to clean my carb and saw the same thing. The cable was holding on by strands. The bad thing is that it was noon on a Saturday and I had a HS the next day. Not an item that any of my local dealers stocked so I ended up having to drive almost an hour away to a dealer that did have the part. I can't tell you how pissed I would have been at the race because I doubt it would have not lasted a full lap. Anyway, I mention all this to say that this occurance made me look at suggested maintenance times in the manual in a different light.

Heyyy m2g4b,

Wassup ol buddy,

Long time. I've been thinking alot about Duncan. Are you guys riding this weekend Sunday?

If so hollar at me...I'm go for sure. I'll bring my son on his new KX60 :)


I ride alot! Usually 3 times a week. Doing simple math I'd figure somewhere around 100-130hrs

I checked my valves right after the break in and the clearance was just on the lower side of the tolerance. 6 months ago I quit checking them because they never changed. This last time they are perfect... I'm going to have to thank Mobile 1 for that.

As for the swing arm's the point on the swingarm closest to the front sprocket on the radius approx 8 o'clock. It got about .030" into the aluminum. The metal clanking you hear could be the chain hitting the side of your subframe. Mine does that too. I'd keep a close eye on it for sure.

Hey kirtwell,

I can't ride this upcoming Sunday, gotta go to Home Depot and get some stuff for the house remodel I have been doing for what seems like 6 months, lol. Anyway they are having an organized practice saturday night if your interested, I wont be there I have a race in OKC. If you want to wait for me to go with ya, we will be racing there the following Sat. July 27th, you could come out and race and bring your son to race also, ya'll would have a blast!!!!! If not we will definately get together soon and check it out!!!

[ July 19, 2002: Message edited by: m2g4b ]

Zip Ty Racing sells a throttle wheel that is supposed to not fray the cables.

Motion Pro makes some outstanding throttle replacement cables called the T-2. These are teflon lined and are very durable, plus, they are less than OEM in cost. If you decide to use these cables, keep in mind that at first they are kinda stiff and seem to be sticky. Use them for about 2 hours and they are slick as Bill Clinton.

I found my puller side cable frayed to within about one more crank on the throttle the last time I took it apart. This seems to be a common problem. Definately something you want to check before every race. It would ruin your whole day to have this cable break right on the face of a jump...

About the frayed throttle cable. If you look at the nut that hold the cable to the bracket, the pointy part should stick out through the little hole. If it does then the cables do not rub on the bracket/housing (at least on my '01) but they do if the flat side of the nut is showing.

Everyone with an '01 should look at this....

On a side note....Since I switched to coil on plug ignition, it is much easier to keep an eye on that side of the carb. It is now very simple to remove the black plastic cover and keep an eye on things and keep it clean. My '01 doesn't have the rubber boot on the cables that the '02 has, and it gets pretty dusty under that cover.

I know im gonna get flamed here but here goes anyway.

The frayed cable deal is a pain, and can be painful, so heres what I did. I smoothed the throttle wheel with a round needle file as much as I could, and I dont run that cover. It doesnt stop any dust, but prevents you from being able to see the cables readliy, and is impossible to wash underneath. After a ride, I go around the bike with some Gunk engine degreaser in the spots that get oiled and that one of the spots (cable side of the carb) that I hit with the degreaser and re-oil every ride. My cables have lasted much since Ive started this routine. And its easier to mess with the pump squirt adjustments too, not like ya gotta do that much but its a side bonus.

I wouldn't flame a guy for doin good maintenance on his bike.

Changed my cables today... 23 bucks. Had 1 strand left. Geeesh! It looked to me like the angle of the cable entry is slightly off and the cable rubs the top edge of the housing. I smeared grease heavily on the cable and twisted the throttle a few times to draw it up into the housing. Flea was givin me hell, later, cause I flooded tha crap outta it. I hope that'll help the cable get through life a little better. What about the coil on the plug thingy? What year & explain what it involved to change it over. Thanx

My bike is an '01. I bought the coil on plug set up from Mike Dean here on TT. Do a search on it and you will see the post where he can sell you a kit. He has put a very nice kit together with detailed instructions.

Originally posted by Wyatt:

On a side note....Since I switched to coil on plug ignition, it is much easier to keep an eye on that side of the carb. It is now very simple to remove the black plastic cover and keep an eye on things and keep it clean. My '01 doesn't have the rubber boot on the cables that the '02 has, and it gets pretty dusty under that cover.

Coil on plug?? Man - you're always one step ahead of me!!! How can I keep up?

Man, you all just doint that stuff after a YEAR????????

heres what I do every 2 hours

1. change oil,

2. clean air filter

3. clean,lube all cables

4. clean throttle assembley

5. clean and re-grease axles

6. bleed brakes

Then once a month I:

1. grease headset and linkage( replace bearings if needed)

2. Change fork,shock oil

3. check valves

I also ride 3-5 times a week for almost an hour a day - its nice having your own track

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