New tank, graphics question...

Well, I finally broke down and ordered a YZ seat and IMS tank for my '02 WR426. The way I understand it, my WR shrouds will work with the new tank. But, the graphics on my shrouds are a bit tired (2 hard years of abuse). I have looked at a couple graphics sets I like, but should I order for the YZ or the WR? Which one should fit the IMS (3.2)tank the best, and will I have to trim anyway? Any other suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:


I have One Industries YZ graphics on my Clarke oversized YZ style tank. They seem to fit pretty good. :thumbsup:

I just installed a Zip Ty oversized tank and YZ seat on my bike and I used Factory effex YZ 426 graffics on my tank and shrouds.I had to do some trimming but they turned out awesome.I think that you could possibly cut down the WR graffics but there would be a lot more trimming to do.I really only had to trim around near the shroud mounts of the tank and square off the bottom.It was quite easy to do.I think it is better to have the graffics on the tank rather than leaving it blank natural so that your knees don't scuff it up too bad.

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