What is the cheapest Way to Bring My E Series under 99Db?

Can it be accomplished?

Thanks Guys :thumbsup:

I dont think it can be done. I have talked to several people that either worked with or rode for White Brothers and they say you will have a hard time getting it to pass sound. pm yzwiley, he used to ride for WB, he can tell you more about it :thumbsup:

btw, I'm running the e-series s bend with the tapered header, 10 disks and open turn down end cap and one word: L O U D

Don't start your bike. It won't cost anything.

Junk the "E" and buy a "Q"!

What is the cheapest Way to Bring My E Series under 99Db?

Earplugs..............Unless you need to soften it for EPA regulations, then you can't.

I just bought an E-Series for my 99 WR400. I ride mostly on the street. I started out with 12 disks and the closed endcap. (12 came installed from WB). Way too loud! I reduced to 7. A little better, but lost a lot of topend. I see that WB has a quiet core insert for the E-Series. Anyone tried this? Does it work without reducing topend?

Does it work without reducing topend?

No. They say it will reduce the sound by half (3 dB(A)) but it does this by slowing the exhaust flow or "stuffing up the pipe." The E-Series is a race pipe, period. It was never meant to be quiet.

When I bought mine I was after the biggest power increase, never thought about the noise issue. Fired it up the first time and suddenly the noise issue mattered quite a bit.

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