Anyone using VP MR1?

I picked up 5gal of this stuff to try after reading an article stating a 1.5 Hp gain from bottom to top just from fuel and had to see for myself.I have misplaced the magazine since I ordered the fuel and was wondering about jetting specs. I know I will have to go richer because it is heavily oxygenated.But how much?


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You'll need to figure that out for your own application(I've gone two sizes, others have done diff. depending on conditions).. You'll also need to drain your tank, and flush your system with regular fuel after each use. It's rancid, but oxygenated fuel is the schiznit :)

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FastKevin rancid is an understatement!!!I'm going to have to figure out where to keep the stuff, I don't have a shed and the fumes were coming in the house every time the door to the garage was opened.(through the sealed can) Can't just leave it outside,(to many munchkins) its in the truck for now.I know I will have to figure my own application,But I am still looking for suggestions from anyone who is using this fuel.

I want to try MR1 as well. I've been using MR2 and like it. The throttle response is phenomenal, plus, it perks up the mid to high range a little vs C-12. How have the two fuels compared in your experience? Perhaps I should stick with strictly pump gas since couple of guys have posted that they've ONLY used pump gas and it runs best. How they can claim that their bikes run best on pump gas without ever testing other fuels is beyond my little pea brain.

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