Baja Designs-Must send them stator?

I just got done ordering my BD kit and towards the end the guy mentioned that I have send in my stator('04-450). He said it would be $30 and they would ship it back the same day they got it. I 'searched' through Thumper and couldnt find anything regarding this. Does anyone know what's up with this? Is it something I could do myself and save $30?

Thanks for any info. seems weird they would design something that forced the user to be inconvenienced like this. :thumbsup:

First get an electrical engineering degree and then install a Baha Designs kit yourself. :thumbsup:

You should really buy a trick dual sport kit from:

Thanks for the help.

Anybody with constructive feedback?

Do a search on this forum for Baja Designs. Read back all the way to the beginning of the year. You might want to put that order on hold until you've read the posts. Good luck. :thumbsup:

if i remember right, a lot of guys have been unhappy with the baja design kits. not only the stator stuff but having bulb problems and rectifiers getting fried. you better do some more research. that 450 puts out enough juice to run lights and charge a battery. now it needs more? lets hope a couple owners get in on this one soon.

I just called Baja back and talked someone. I told him my concerns and he said that sending the stator back will solve the charging issues that I mentioned. He said to tell anyone that is having issues to have their stator sent in.

Baja Designs does not know electricity very well....I'd go with one of the other brands if I had to have a kit. I did mine myself, under $50 and I'm street-legal.....I love Arizona.

Lot's of info here on B.D. I have been running their kit on my 450 for over a year now with no problems. I think they changed their kits up to accomadate some state laws that require the head light to stay on without the motor running by switching the headlight power to the DC side. The kit I have still runs the headlight off of AC with just a relay switch to switch from high to low beam. I think that is why they are wanting to add more charging power to your stator. If you talk to them again you may want to ask them about running the headlight off the AC side. They even sent a higher than stock wattage xenon bulb with my kit.

Good luck,


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