Dissapointed with Throttlehead.com...

About a little over a week ago I ordered a Hurricane kit for my bike. 3 days later they called and said that they are awaiting a couple of parts, so they told me they will send a diff. brand plastic, I agreed. So over 5 days past and I called them. THEY TOLD ME THEY DIDNT SEND IT OUT YET!!! THEY ARE STILL WAITING FOR A FENDER TO COME IN. THEY TOLD ME IT WILL TAKE A WEEK OR TWO FOR ME TO GET THE KIT TO ME...


So I e-mailed them asking if they will pay at their own expence overnight shipping so I can recieve it by Saturday. Ill let you know if they e-mail me back, I dought it.


i too have had a bad experience with throttlehead. to keep my comments short, i will never consider ordering from them again.

Always ask all of these companies if they have it in stock. If it's not in stock, try someone else, or you'll be waiting too long... and they will have your $$$.

I was considering some yellow highlights on my YZ. Cool Look!


I got a responce back from them and they said they will ship it overnight so I can have it by Friday :thumbsup:

I had the worst experience with throttlehead than I have ever had ordering anything, anywhere... mx related or not. Finally got my money back after 6 weeks but it sure was a struggle, I have no doubt they intended to keep my cash and send me nothing.

Here is a tip, if you must take a chance purchasing from throttlehead use a credit card, not a money order like I did. Your card company can get your money back if they burn you. Myself, I'll not order anything from them ever again under any circumstances

I had a similar problem with Chaperal (spelling?). I ordered from a catalog (Larry- Mr. no personality) and should of verified exact shipping/arrival dates with the customer service dept. not the catalog dept. I will always call back and try to get a different employee on the phone to see if they all are on the same page. They weren't too sympathetic with my compliant!

I had a similar problem with Chaperal

At least you got an employee.

I live in Chino. 30 miles from them.

I called them once... waited on hold for 10 minutes.

I got into my truck and drove there.

I was still on hold when I got out of the truck and walked through their door.

I've called them probably 5 times and have never been able to get to an employee.

BTW: Anybody want a clutch lever for an '01-'05 YZ250F? I have two. They sold them to me for my '05 WR, and would not take them back after I found out that they were not the right ones.

pav... what the hell man, your bike had a hurricane kit, you sold it, now you're buying a new one and pissed because the place you ordered from couldn't get it out when you wanted? Stop crying and deal with it.

Check the original date of the thread. RM_Dude went dredging.

I hate that.

Freaking newbies :naughty:

ahhh... that makes a little more sense.

I only had the hurricane kit once, I sold it because I rather my bike blue. Throttlehead has great prices but it takes long for you to get stuff because most likley they dont carry it in stock. I never sold the bike either its still the same one. 2003 yz450f. Lets please put this thread to rest. :naughty:

Yamaha of Troy takes the cake, order by net on March 7th, called every week since then, each time told sending it out that day. Called 2 weeks ago, got transfered back and forth between 2 people 4 times, each sending me back to whom I was just speaking, dude finally tells me my order was never entered. I ask why then did customer service have my order number, my name, etc. So since they didnt want to deal with me I said just cancel my order which they said didnt exists nor did they have it. So last friday same lady calls says waiting on 3 bolts, and will ship that day. I told them to call me to confirm with tracking number. No call but parts show up today. Unbelievable 2 months to get some bolts for the new rotors.

There is nothing better then having a local independant who can get all the same stuff the dealer can, who will call you back, knows your name and face.

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