Street Legalizing the XR650R in California

Does anyone know anything about getting a XR650R street leagl. Old school ways was just adding left/right blinkers, headlight, taillight and license. I hear a rumor that as of Jan 2004 you can no longer convert to street leagl because of emissions or some other BS. Does anyone know anyway I can get my bike street legal?? I work 5 minutes from home so I would love to be able to ride to work and back during the week. Anytime on my bike is happy time!

The law you heard of is both BS and correct. No more dual sporting in CA unless it comes from the factory with an emissions sticker. Best way to get around the law, is probably to register out of state, then transfer title to CA, or to sell it and buy another already dual sported. Good luck!

Contact the guy at He's seemed to have found a loop hole in the DMV regs... He uses title services (ex DMV people who were tired of the DMV BS), to handle all the paperwork. My XR was registered for street use in Utah, so I didn't have to use him. I talked to him on the phone, and he seems to know the ins and outs. It's worth a shot.


You da man! I bought mine about 4 months ago and just got it about 2 months ago and I just found out about this BS with not being able to convert the bike to street legal. Thanks for your help!

Let us ALL know how you fair...

I've got several buddies who want their XRs streetable. (They don't want to have to buy KTMs that have the emission sticker... or better yet, they don't want KTMs!) :thumbsup:

Anyway... we're all looking for the 'correct' in California response. Or "How To" for us XR freaks!


I'm going to give the guy a call today so I'll keep you posted on the cost, legality, and how long it takes once I get in contact with the guy. I'd be stoked if this guy can pull it off.

hey guys,

go to the dualsport section of TT, we have been discussing this topic for the past couple weeks, lots of info!!! From what I understand, you can get it dualsported as long as it is 2002 and older. If it is 2003 and newer it must have an emissions sticker on it saying that it meets ON-ROAD standards. I called DMV and they said that they rescinded the ban a while back. Check out the thread!!!

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