Is this common?

I was on the gate yesterday (Vet class/"A" rider combo moto) and I saw a local fastcat on a 250 2 stroke. I asked him where his 450F was and he said he quit riding it because it had "to much power". He said he kept getting hurt on it. I will admit that this comment struck me as being odd. I can readily imagine me getting hurt because of the power and lack of skill on my part, but not an accomplished rider like him. I was just wondering if anyone else had ever heard something similar?


Usually when they go to the smooth power of a four, they never go back. My buddy rides a 250 2. I sometimes let him borrow my 04 450f. Let's just say that he rides better on the 4, and he has less fatigue. :thumbsup:

Die hard 2-stroker that does not want to switch?

Maybe he was overjumping everything!?!?! :thumbsup:

Can't understand that one..... 3rd week on my 426, and I didn't look at any 2 strokes when shopping around because the 4 strokes are so much easier to ride. Yes lots of power, but so much easier to control! I feel MUCH safer on my 4 stroke.

I can understand wanting to switch back untill I got my bog problem worked out I was hating my bike. I would bog at the worst time and almost but me on my head more than once. Now I have all problems work out and I am a true Thumper. I am thinking about a 250f now I rode one the other day and damn it was fun.

To go along with, or instead of the big bore?

Instead of the 400 I cant swing 2 bikes at one time.

the only thing i miss about the 2-strokes was some of the free ride that you get without the engine braking. i still stall because of this sometimes but, the total throttle control and sweet power is what keeps me riding the thumpers.

Funny you should mention that. There is a 180 degree bermed turn out of a short approach double at my local track that I can do with the 250f because of the engine braking. If I try it on my 2 stroke, I blow through the berm.:thumbsup:

He He, cannot handle the smooth power.? RC made the change.

He looked at his lap times on the 4 and was in shock. :thumbsup:

Not to mention not mixing the gas any longer, the 4s tend to stay cleaner, and you don't have to make those emergency trips to the moto shop for oil. Don't miss it at all. LOL

Yeah, I have heard something along those lines, to much power, getting hurt and such. I would say that would be a personal thing on an individual basis. I can see a really REALLY fast guy getting tired to soon. I suspect for your average squid (read ME) it is not as much of an issue. I never noticed a big 4-stroke to have so much power I was afraid of it. But then I don't run as hard as some fast dudes. Personal riding style matter here too. If he is used to keeping it pinned none stop on a 250 2 then he will end up in the trees doing that on a 450 4. They take a little more "finese" for lack of a better word.

You probably have it pegged. The guys is fast, but he has had his share of crashes.

Maybe he was overjumping everything!?!?! :thumbsup:

Probably the case. The big thumpers all bite better leaving tight turns because of how they fire. YZ450s are like being catapulted. Probably didn't get used to that before he busted himself up a couple of times. He should have gone to a middle weight flywheel if that was his thing.

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