Holister Question

Are they enforcing the 101 db limit?Or is it still voluntary?I have a qpipe on order to replace my e-series since it is to loud and just want to know if i can go riding this weekend.

Thanks :)

Hollister has not started to enforce the 101db yet to my knowledge. I was there about a week ago and I didnt hear anything about enforcing it yet. I am going tomarrow myself and still have my Titanium 4 on my 426. I think that they are still giving people time to get there bikes sound tested and aware of the whole sound testing thing. I also have a PC4 Q that I have ready for when they do start enforcing it. Have fun :)

MotoX is correct but that may have changed. I know it is not being enforced during the week, weekend is another story and they do have the Rangers at the Sound Chk Station now.

So I am not sure, I will be posting the pics and instructs on making an R4 99db, it may work on the E-series also.

I talked to the Ranger there, it appears the Chief cook and bottle washer is a little perturbed with the low turn out of volenteer, so he may be stepping up the Enforcement.

Just FYI

Once your taged clean and pass they leave you alone willnot dpuble check unless obviuos

Dirt Dont Hurt

the only E Series that has been passing are the ones with the Quite core.

All WB (Well Except Mine Now) are failing in the 104 to 107 range. See my post "Making WB R4 sound Chk 100

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