Tour de Lance

Other things of interest, from ESPN.COM:

Off the bike, Lance Armstrong demands six figures for speaking engagements and earns an estimated $15 million per year in salary and endorsements. He is friends with President George W. Bush and rides moto-cross bikes in the offseason with singer Lyle Lovett.

The french hate evertything American, especially when we dominate there national competition, it's kind of funny actually.

Just look at "Euro Disney" :)


I take your point about doping. The French and Italian media are particularly bad at this, mainly because they both think they 'own' the sport. Unfortunately, anyone who rides as consistently well as Lance is gonna come in for a media hammering, but I really don't think its because he's an American.

Sadly, the whole sport is tarnished with the 'drug thing' right now. And looking back at the last few years (and leaving Lance aside) it would appear to be with good reason. Anyone who does well is gonna get looked upon with suspicion.

and another thing - put yourself in the position of the French media: how would you feel if a French baseball team had won your 'world series' for the last five years...? :)

and yet another thing - Lance's whole season and training schedule is geared towards winning/retaining the tour de france title. Very few other riders are in a position to be able to afford to train like that. Most will need to ride a full season's race calendar consistently to earn their wages....

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[ July 23, 2002: Message edited by: Thumpty Dumpty ]

Thumpty Dumpty: If the French come over and win our "world" (what a joke) series I would love it. Baseball bores me stiff. There are 18 guys, not counting reserves, and 8 of them are sitting down. One guy throws the ball, and sometimes the batter swings at it. On the rare occassion that he hits it there is a brief flurry of activity. No one runs more than a few yards. I am supposed to get excited about that? Its embarrassing that some people call baseball our national pasttime. IMO, its long past time to define an new one.

I don't boo Villuimen when he wins an SX. Carmichael isn't my favorite Team Honda rider-Tortelli is. But it does irk me that many Europeans treat Lance Armstrong so poorly.

As far as LAs funding goes, he comes from a single mom childhood, with her working several jobs to make ends meet when he was young. He worked hard and had the talent to get to where he is. Its not like Indurain, Hinault or the other greats didn't do the same thing.

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