Wr 450 refuses to start with the electric starter.

I have a 2004 wr 450 that absolutly will not start with the e start. Cold or warm. I'm trying to save up some extra cash to get the JD jetting kit to see if that remedys things. Even when it was brand new. Has anyone else had the same trouble? :thumbsup:

put a 70 or 72 starter jet in, get the rest of the jetting dialed in and it works great....on my 03 I sometimes hold the kill button in for the 1st 3-4 revolutions, she fires as soon as I release it.

I put the yz exhaust cam in this weekend. Now I hardly touch the button and she fires up. :thumbsup:

as with any new bike ,you're going to have to learn some of the bikes needs. when the bike is cold twist the throttle two or three times (engine off, choke on)before pushing the button. this will squirt gas into the intake. do not twist the throttle when pushing the starter button. or kicking, for that matter. how many turns out is your pilot fuel screw? lean pilot jetting can make a bike hard to start when warm.

i'd not do three twists straight up.

try with half a twist and see what happens and work your way up....if I did 3 twists with my bike I would still be there next tuesday trying to get the thing started.

for my 98 when cold...

choke out

1 twist throttle

one decompressed kick (slow)

1-2-3 kicks depending on if its cold or warm outside

(if engine hot/warm obviosuly no twists of the throttle and hot start if during riding)


My 03 WR450 was difficult to start and idle when it was brand new. I had to use the choke alot, even when it was warm. A couple of throttle twists before pushing the start button, but none while the bike is trying to fire. Make sure the bike is always in netruel, that helps.

Now that the bike is about 15 hours old, it starts right up without any preliminary drills. I just push the button, NO throttle twists at all! Once the bike is broken in, if you twist the trottle, it will be hard to start.

When cold, choke, hit the kickstart twice, and she'll fire up on the electric almost every time. Warm, use hot start, sometimes I turn the gas off before I start it, hit grey button and let it run for about 10-15 sec and then she's good to go.

Do I need to completely remove the carb to change out the starter jet or just try to roll it over enough to pull the bowl off.

I had the same issue with my '04. Once I put about 50 miles on it everything seemed to have worked its way out. It still wasnt perfect but after tweaking with the PJ it seemed to have made it idle better and start easier? From what I've read the PJ doesnt affect either of those so I'm not sure if it's coincedence or not. The key to getting it to start was to always use the choke and never ever give it any squirts when it's warm. When it's cold I do the standard squirt and it starts right up. Good luck.

You can get at it with the carb on the bike, but it's much easier to see it if you pull the carb.

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