Shhh! Need to try new tires.

Any Ideas on ultimate hard pack tires for 426f?

Hard or soft I am a believer in the Dunlop 756 front. I was running one on the rear also but decided to try a Pirelli MT 450,just put it on this week and hav'nt ridden yet.Can't wait till Sunday!

which in the front and which the rear?

M22 front, M23 rear. Bridgestones work that the smaller number is the front tire.

I like the M601/M602 combo if it's hard-rocky/intermediate.

Unless it's like a flat track type of dirt, or pure hard rock (a blue groove style), then the M601/M602 would work better than the M22/M23.

I will have to add another option.

I like Maxxis IT's for the hard clay at Lake Elsinore. they stick real nice!! And then when some of the berms get a little soft the work just as nice!!

Ultimate hardpack tire is a Bridgestone M23/M22 combo. They stick like glue.

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