CRF and YZF jets interchangeable?

Arent these the same carbs? There is a Honda dealership down the street that has every part I could ever need, while the yamaha dealer doesnt have crap. This is for my 99 400, I just need a larger pilot jet. Thanks.

Yes, they are the same. When we got our CRF 250, we needed a 42 pilot. (it came with a 40) Ordered from Honda. Backordered! Ordered from Yamaha. There the next day and .11 cents cheaper. We run a CRF 250 and a YZ 250 2 stroke. They are blood brothers. The Honda has a Yamaha pilot jet, and the Yamaha has a Honda front master cylinder. :thumbsup:

So what type of carb jets are interchangeable? Does the FCR exchange with anything other then itself?

From what I have read there are two carbs on the Yamaha's. You have what they call a first generation carb on your 99. The current (2000 and up) uses a second generation carb. As for the jets I would not think they would be any difference. But when I ordered zip-ty's fuel screw the dealer showed only one part #. When I got the screw it did not work because of the difference in the construction of the bottom of the carb. I went to zip-ty's web site and got the info I mentioned above. If you will post this question in the Jetting section James Dean can fill you in on if/any differences.


yeah, the actual jets themselves are interchangeable, but as far as the bowl covers, and say... floats... not sure. The jets are the same, though, to the best of my knowledge. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I believe most Keihin jets are interchangeable.

James Dean just informed me that 98-99 arent interchangeable :thumbsup:

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