My buddy bike...

So I told my wife about this new wealth of info called Thumpertalk (she didn't care at all). I also told her I needed a buddy bike like a guy named Yamakaze (she didn't think the name was as cool as I did either). ANyway, I told her I could make my bike now a buddy bike (just like kaze's) and get a new 450, or even a 426 if I had to. SO I thought it was a great idea-she informed I'll keep riding my 400, have no buddy bike, and LOVE it!!! She just doesn't get it...sheesh!!!! :)

Neither do I.

Just do what i did.

Put $4k on the 4-5-0 .......THEN tell your wife!

Or just get what I call a HOOKEr bike.

(AKA 93' RM250) for around a tousant dollars.

Park it in your garage just because you can ,and claim you have multiple bikes!

Kinda like an old (lady of the night!??)......Loose but it still gets the job done! :)

[ July 19, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

That's funny-I like the hooker bike idea-maybe I'll give it a shot...

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