need help fast!!!

ok we are having trouble with a 1994 650L. It has no spark. all the rest of the electical looks fine. fuses are fine. has gas. petcock is on. has a new plug. what else could it be?! the bike needs to be running by tomorrow. thanks alot in advance guys. :thumbsup:

If it will crank, I think that rules out a safety interlock, but try taking the two connectors off the clutch switch, connecting them together, and connecting them to ground. This bypasses all the dafety stuff.

If no luck, try pulling the plug cap, stick a pin or something into the end of the wire, and see if you get a spark off that. I've heard that the resistor in the stock plug cap sometimes fails.

thanks for the advice but we were able to figure it out. on of the connections on the coil had super dirt in it. we cleaned it out and it fired. whether or not that was the problems we will never know. but now it runs. :thumbsup:

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