I recently posted about lowering footpegs. I ride a wr450,03. I`m 6`2", 195 pounds.I got lots of replys wich i much appreciated. I finaly opted for do it yourself mod Wich i learned about on this site. The modification consists on cuting the barrel (what the spring wraps around) wich is on the lower part of the footpeg mount and puting that barrel on the upper part of the mount. To do so you must swap the springs from on side to the other (but not the footpegs). This simple procedure brings your footpegs down and back about a 1/2" and is quite noticable.

I then went for 3 day outing in northen Quebec (Latuque and Lac St-Jean Area) for about 800kms (500 milles)in all sorts of conditions where i thouroghly tested my new mod.

It took about an hour of riding to get acustamed to the new feel (shifting and rear braking)but after that i found it to be quite an inprouvement when standing, wich was my 0bjective.

Firstly, i can sqeeze the tank with my knees much better. Then for some reason i foud myself standing on the arch of my feet and therefore correcting a tendency i had of standing on the ball of my feet. I think the fact that the controls are a little further ahead help in this matter. Rear braking was not a issue. The higher pedal did not bother me after i got used to it.

I`m quite pleased with this mod and it`s definately going to stay. :devil:

My next step in improuving my "riding standing position" will be to raise the handelbars a little further. I installed an adapter for my protapers wich rises then about 3/4". I will use the brakets mounts from my regular bars to raise things an other 3/4", an other trick i learned on this site. I`ll let you know how i like this.

Must go and see who is winning the elections.

See ya :thumbsup::awww:

Thanks for the review. :thumbsup: It is a simple enough mod to do, and it does make a difference in the bikes feel for bigger riders...



Go the whole hog, grind em off, make a new channel using angle iron (with an extra side), or box section (with one side removed), and weld the sods back on. Makes the pegs even better (for a 6'8" rider - who also has problems with standover). Still look like a circus bear on a clowns bike though.

Whilst on the tall subject, can any of you tallies recommend a 29" wheel mountain bike for big people?


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