rear fender licence plate bracket

I saw they WR450F's in Australia come with turn signals and a rear fender extenstion where the license plate is mounted. Is there anyone from down under who could order me one of these rear fender license plate brackets and ship it to me or give me an email addres to person who actually returns email? Metro yamaha does not return emails. :thumbsup:

try these people, i have one of their plate mounts and it's very nice,

get a SCOTTS or FOURSTROKESONLY "under fender bracket" for your license plate. i've wrecked my bike about a dozen times and i haven't managed to do much damage to my plate or the bracket...

no drilling, no fuss, 10 minutes later you are in business; click on this link:

here's what it looks like on my '01 WRF...

i do have some advice on this though -- cover the edges of your plate with duct tape or something similar. my plate has very sharp edges and i've taken this precaution so i don't get cut if i have a "major waffle" incident.

also check out this thread:

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

No you really dont want one of the Australian issue plate holders they are a big mud catcher and will last right up until the second whoop.

I made one up from a piece of alloy plate, screws go through under the taillight and through the plate.

Hint the more you angle it up the harder it is to see. :thumbsup:

Hint the more you angle it up the harder it is to see. :thumbsup:

Go too far down and the rear wheel will take it off with half the fender oh a hard hit.

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