lighting/stator question

I've got an Acerbis Diamond headlight on my Xr. I'm not sure exacty how stuff works as I'm new to dirtbikes. I'f I replace the 20 watt bulbs on the bike with 50 watters, do I need a new stator (or rewind the stocker)? I'm assuming the stock stator would work, but the lights would get brighter with more throttle?

Second question is this.....with the stock stator, and 50 watt bulbs, what would be the difference if I rewound my stator? Would the bulbs get brighter at all, or would they just stay bright all the time, not depending on the throttle. In other words, would the bulbs with a rewound stator be any brighter than the bulbs with the stock stator when the bike is at higher rpm's?

2 lights - 40watts?

Then 2 50watters = 100w??

The stock stator should be rewound. Just do it, it's only a $100 at BajaDesigns. :thumbsup:

If you rewind the stator, your lights will stay brighter as the rpms lower. Or brighter at a lower rpm than stock.

Hmm.. I'm tired and not making much sense... but look at it this way;

You got a bike.

It's got a small light generator on it's wheel. You pedal, but your legs are wimpy. The light never gets too bright. Now... you come back after a week of working out (rewound stator)... your legs are huge. You pedal ... and you get faster than before and can pedal for longer periods. Brighter light. (Using the same bulb wattage of course).

Now... you upgrade the bulbs, but not the generator nor your legs. Say you had 20w bulbs.. and now you have 40w bulbs... cut the luminesce in half. (not really that easy of an algorythm... but you get the idea). Your lights will be dimmer.

Ok... so go and work out again. Upgrading your generator and bulbs... Your lights will be brighter, but again you need to make sure to keep pedaling like a mad dog... :lol:

Geeez... I need to lay off the suds. :devil:

It's kinda a dog and cat chase. Bigger bulbs need a bigger stator. But don't ALWAYS make that much more light. Rewind to a 200watter with BajaD and run a couple 35watters. Cuz IMHO going to 2 50watters won't make that big of deal but will consume more from your stator output.

Uhmm.. I'm heading to bed. :awww:

$100 thats the old days! Buy a rewound stator for $130 and keep your old one as a spare.

I rewound my stator for about $15. I run a 85 watt PIAA at idle no problem. With my twin head light I can only run a 55w and 35w before the light dims.

$100 thats the old days! Buy a rewound stator for $130 and keep your old one as a spare.

Where do you find that deal?

xr600 is $130, xr650 is $150

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