flywheel weights

it comes with 6, 8, 10oz i want to lug better but which one will still let me keep some of the hit? and its a drill and tap which kinda sucks but aren't they all like that for the 400s/426s? any how is like $30 a really good deal for these they are from msr and it comes with bit and tap. just wondering any input concerning flywheel weights goods bads ?

I prefer the welded on units Doug Dubach sells, I use a 8 oz for motocross, less engine braking and smoother power delivery. Before the bike felt like it was previously owned by John Force. I know Ty Davis used a 6 oz.


I went from the stock flywheel to the 12oz. zip-ty (drill & tap) weight. Granted I don't race but I can tell you that the bike still has plenty of "Hit" with all the advantages of no stalling, no engine braking, smoother power delivery (less wheel spin).

I love the way it runs :devil::thumbsup: .


so i need a fly wheel puller to remove it to install the weight right?

so i need a fly wheel puller to remove it to install the weight right?

Correct. :devil:

If you don't have one you can have your local shop pull it out with your bike still on your truck. It shouldn't cost much, if anything. Just take off the cover over the flywheel for them and they can pop it off in less then 30 seconds. Just be sure to drain the oil first. :thumbsup:


im still deciding whether to put the 8oz or the 10oz on i don't know how much i want to tame it down ?


Before I did mine I watched what most people were putting in there bikes. What I seen was that the 10oz. was the most common.

Knowing my riding style (mostly trails) I planted the 12oz. in and have never looked back. Like I said in an earlyer post, I just love the bike now.


I put a 10oz Steahly on mine. It is just a bolt on, no pullers or drills required. I race MX 90% of the time and it works great for me.

I know the bolt on weights sound cheesy, but they really work. I have the same kit you own. I bought it for a heck of a lot more than you paid back in 98. I have never had one come loose or anything like that.

My best advise would be to drill and tap one hole at a time. Do not try and do all 4 at once. It is way to easy to not drill these in the perfect place. Drill, tap and put the permanent screw in place. Then move on to the next hole leaving the flywheel in place.

The difference between the 8 and 10 is very tough to tell.

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