Thanks for the license plate bracket information. Anyone have a source for a speedometer to make the WR street legal. The trail endurance that comes with the trick kit is not what I want. :thumbsup:

ask your dealer he can get you a small yamaha one with trip meter as well.

I used a speedometer from the last year model XT 350. The stock odometer cable hooks right up, but I had to build my own bracket. It has a light in it along with a resettable odometer. Plus it is fairly compact. I like it. I had 3 Trail Techs and two of them went bad so I sold the third one with out even taking it out of the box.. Plus it was too complicated for an old dog such as myself. :thumbsup:


You can look at speedo's on ebay. Most of them should work nicely. I used one from a 76 XS 500 I think. I paid around $6 for it. It works perfectly. Most of the jap odo's and speedo's use the same type of cable. Which means they are mostly compatible.

Hey I like those Trail Tech Speedo's. Anyone put one on a WR450? Does it come with all the cables and what not that's neccessary to completely install? Any risk of water damage? I seem to ride through a lot of water.

My link for some reason didnt work. I ordered the TrailTech speedo yesterday(79.99). From what I know it comes with all the cables and are bike specific. I'll send an update when I get everything installed. I'll installed the Speedo first cause that'll be the easiest thing...

· Precision designed for exact model fit

· Rugged construction withstands harsh racing and trail riding


· Provides several functions including: Current Speed, Average Speed,

Top Speed, Distance, Overall Mileage, Accumulated Riding Time, Clock,

Maintenance Reminder and more.

· Back Lit display for night riding

· Battery life is up to 1 1/2 years

· 6 month warranty

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