What Fork Oil for Off Road

Hey OffRoaders

What fork oil do you use (in 2000 YZ426)

I ride mostly single track trails filled with roots, rocks, pot holes and downed trees

Thanks Rich

i use mazola but i heard wesson oil is a little better.if your not going to jumping a lot any corn oil will be fine.

olive oil has that Italian quality in it...

i only run olive oil in my TM.

nh kevin sure those are all good fork oils,but can you use them to cook breakfast.

You all are sick

Dont listen to any of them they flame all the time,

Just pack it with grease :)

Serious though

Depending on how you want setup, if your a casual cow puky rider then just use a 5wt oil any brand but yamalube

Plus if you running your bike in Ruts Down Trees and so on, Get a John Dear Tractor

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Unka Rich

personally I have tried Yamalube 5wt, & belray 5wt in the yz. I went and spent the money on the yamaha 01 oil and I will never try anything else.

Some may argue, but I find the Yamaha 01 oil (Recomended) just seems to make the forks more responsive to adjustment, and I do feel a less harsher ride on woops

maybe its me but I sware by the 01 oil.

If your cheep, then belray silkolene or any of the brands except yamahlube is fine.

The cheapest I have found the yamaha 01 oil is at http://www.rockymountainmc.com I believe I paid 23 bucks instead of 29, you will need tw bottles

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The John Deere was ok till I hit that double

Wow wat a rush

so I think I will go back to the bike

Now my original problem, what is the best fork oil

to make stock forks plush

Thanks All


Thanks E.G.O.****

I ordered the 01 oil from Rocky Mountain ($22.99)per litre

I've Bought from them before - no problems

My dealer said they would sell me 01 oil for $19.00 per but they don't stock it, so I would have to buy a case

I did'nt want to go there

PS - I am cheap, but sometimes it's just cheaper to do it right the first time

Thanks again Rich

Your welcome

Glad I could help, you will not be disapointed

you can get case os crisco oil[12\24oz.bottles] for $17 at Costco.

and we can sell and market that catlytic converter conversion for the yz and wr?

Your bad

Its only 95 deg. here I dont think that is hot enough for crisco oil


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