Hey all, well I heard that Pike Nat. Forest has been re-opened, but am wondering if this means Rampart will be opened or not. Anyone who has the inside, would be nice to know. thx

Pretty funny...I just clicked on this link hoping you would have had the inside scoop. I live ten miles from rampart and hope it opens soon. I heard from many people that they think it will be closed for years...but this was just rumors. I will call someone credible like the forest service and find out for sure...

Still closed...did a google search and found this link...

web page

It has all the info and contact info on the website...dedicated to motorcycles. I think it is going to be closed for a long time. :)

I just bought my bike 3 weeks ago, so I have never had the pleasure to ride there.

I was at Excel Honda on South Sante Fe on Friday and they said the Rampart Motorcycle area was open. Give them a call to confirm!

Yes, Rampart is open again! After stopping in Sedalia last weekend, and checking with the Harley shop there, they said it was, but I confirmed it for myself! Open as of now!

Sweet! Never ridden there. But, I hear it is loads of fun! :)

:) ...just remembered I do not have a spark arrestor on my beast.

Do you know of any cheap solutions?

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