Idle screw on carb

When looking at the carb from the right hand side of the bike (foot brake side) I see two screws. Which one is the idle screw? The small one in the top right corner or the small screw in the bottom left corner? If anyone knows I would appreciate the heads up. Waiting on my manual from performance motorsports so not sure right now. Thanks in advance for the help.

idle screw is on left side(shifter side)with a cable in front of the choke lever up under the tank :thumbsup:

right on. Thanks. Do you know what the screws on the right hand side are for? I'm assuming on is for the amount of air intake. Do you know what those 2 screws on the right hand side are for?

the screws on rite hand side,one up front is mixture screw turning in leans mix. and turn out richens mix.

Screw on bottom of carb.r.h. side is the bowl drain :thumbsup:

hope this helps ???

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