'99 YZ400 Ticking sound

As some of you know, I just got a '99 YZ400 the other day. It has a ticking sound that I'm not sure what it is. It's not super loud, just a small ticking that increases and decreases with rpms. Is this just a normal sound with 4-strokes?

These motors do make a lot of noise, the first thought would be the valves, do you have any idea when they were checked/adjusted last?

No idea what the service has been on that bike. Maybe the local dealer has a record? The guy I bought it from had it less than a year and bought it from the original owener. I guess I should just do a good overhaul on the motor so I know for sure.

If you are not used to the sound of these motors it could very well be normal valve train noise, not knowing when the last service was it probably wouldn't hurt to check them out just to be safe. :thumbsup:

This may be a longshot but it's easy to check out. Take a look a both the front and the back wheel bearings. I seem to recall this being a problem in the past.

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