To light for a 450?

Really want a 450. But want to get this out of the way. I am 168 pounds so is that about right? I am coming off a 250 2-stroke. I ride MX. Just getting started in MX and love it. Been riding for 3 years.

No worries you should do fine i've never heard of anybody complaining that they are to light for a bike, i am right around 180lbs and love my 426.

Go for it

Thanks man,Do you know how much more power the 450s have over 250 2-strokes(CR250R)?

I have heard of people that have rode 250s for years have trouble with the power of the 450s...I just don't see how they can be THAT much more powerful.

It isn't how much power its the type of power, 2strokes generate more wheelspin whereas the fourstrokes make a more tractable type power with less wheelspin which pulls harder on the body during acceleration.

Thats just my .02 though

I'm right around 130 and I ride a 400 :thumbsup:

I,m 34 years old and weigh in at a cool 170.

Got the 2003 450 bran new, The power seemed overwelming at first, But you'll adjust quickly.

Just be aware of when you are getting tired, thats when she'll bite ya!

look at it this way at 168lbs you won't have to spend a lot of $ setting up your suspension :thumbsup:

I have a 2004 YZ450. I weigh 170-175 and I love the bike. I rode my brothers YZ250F and it is not enough for me.

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